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Flyte 'Faithless' by Femke Huurdeman

Promonews - 22nd Nov 2017

Femke Huurdeman's second video for Flyte features the last girl on Earth, wandering through a world turned to desert. But this is no typical dystopian narrative.

Huurdeman's video for Faithless is more like a fairytale, as the girl makes an unlikely friendship, which ultimately leads to a magical transformation. 

Following her video for the English band's first single Cathy Come Home, Huurdeman has created another stylised setting for Flyte to perform the lead track from their debut album The Loved Ones - this time influenced by Jodorowsky and Kubrick.

That works as a counterpoint to the desert scenes that echo Wim Wenders' Paris, Texas, where the girl (played by Zoe Stein) befriends a magnificent bird - an African Raven - and then loses him. But then the two disparate elements of the video come together in a mysterious and spine-tingling climax, when the girl herself turns into a bird.

“It felt great to go back and work with Femke and CANADA for a second time," say Flyte of the video that was shot in Barcelona and the Monegros Desert in northeastern Spain. 

"We knew the [Jodorowsky's cult classic] Holy Mountain and Paris, Texas references were going to lead to something grandiose, and Femke’s visual influences were spookily in sync with ours. Zoe - who played the girl - was hyper intelligent and totally got what we were going for. The African raven was also a magnificent thing to behold in the flesh.”


"As opposed to Cathy Come Home, which is more poetic and suggestive, Faithless felt very cinematic, so that soon the stories came to my mind.

"I was lucky that the band trusted me to create this piece, and a lot of people worked very hard to make it happen. We shot it in a desert in the middle of Spain, which was the most peaceful place ever. I got a lot of Paris-Texas vibes from it, so I included the white milk bottle as a little reference in one of the scenes.

"The band has something timeless around them, their songs, their presence, and that was one of the things I tried to translate into the video as well, without being pretentious."

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Promonews - 22nd Nov 2017


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Femke Huurdeman
Karen Saurí
Production Company
Executive Producer
Oscar Romagosa
Production Manager
Christina Marin
Production Coordinator
Ximena Flores


Director of Photography
Pau Muñoz
Focus Puller
Hector Julian
Focus Puller
Pablo López


Art Director
Jose Tirado


Ahida Agirre
Hair & Make-up
Ana Cano
Hair & Make-up
Jesus De Bina


Casting director


Carlos Font Clos


Island Records


Head Of Production
Alba Barneda
Laura García
Animal wrangler
Santi Serra

Promonews - 22nd Nov 2017

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