David Knight - 3rd Oct 2017

Taz Tron Delix is back with another tour de force of mindbending visuals, this time for JD Reid and Novelist.

Shot on 16mm by Reuben Woodin-Deschamps, the video for Ready takes in a slew of performance set ups intercut with a surreal rollercoaster camera trip around London. And the the prolific, UKMVA-nominated director once again employs his signature techniques, moving between fast-pace edit motivations and a kaleidoscopic whirl of effects, all executed with careful consideration to the ebb, flow and energy of the track.  Very cool.

PRO Credits


DirectorTaz Tron Delix
ProducerCarla Steinberg
Production CompanyCOMPULSORY
Executive ProducerKiran Mandla
Executive ProducerChris Toumazou
Director of PhotographyRuben Woodin Deschamps
Focus PullerJames Malamatinas
2nd ACNai Sukanant
GafferAna Krkljus
Director's RepresentationCompulsory.

David Knight - 3rd Oct 2017

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