David Knight - 18th July 2017

Crowns & Owls, in their first music video for ages, have returned with an unsettling curiosity for Hercules & Love Affair's Omnion.

A lone robed figure repeatedly walks up a staircase, on a pilgrimage in which she encounters different scenarios involving other pilgrims - and then finally passes through a watery barrier to be entirely transformed.

Crowns & Owls - that's Rory Martinez, Tom Harrison and James Alexander Adair - explain the ideas about the video below. And with its spiritual, quasi-religious overtones, this is absorbing work. It's also distinguished by excellent minimalist-theatrical production design, by James Hamilton at Made London and Max Lincoln, rarely found in music videos these days.


"The Omnion video is an exploration of the nuances of gender and sexuality. A story of rebirth, the video follows a lone figure in red on an ascending pilgrimage up a seemingly infinite stair. Perspective play, scale and negative space is used to reflect the complexity of identity.

"Under dappled light our character is guided by descending children; serenely vacant and dripping with water. The stairs open to small rooms, each one a dreamlike homage to the childhood experiences of Andy Butler. 

"The closing sequence shows the woman arriving at the summit of the stairs, where a surreal pool cleanses her of the anxieties of adulthood, rebirthing her as a little boy, blessing her with blissful juvenile nativity."

PRO Credits


DirectorCrowns & Owls
ProducerLuke Plaister
Production CompanyIconoclast
Executive ProducerEmily Rudge
1st ADJack Meredith
StylistAnna Pesonen
Production designerJames Hamilton
Art DirectorMax Lincoln
Focus PullerAdam Feeney
2nd ACMike Kinsella
HairMaarit Niemala
Make-upElias Hove
Post production companySmoke & Mirrors
Post ProducerHannah Whitehill
Post ProducerAndrew Salem
VFXRory Whittle
ColouristJonny Tully
CommissionerJohn Hassay
GafferNathan Matthews
GripNeil Blakesley
Other creditsGrip Assistant: Alfie Wentzel DMX: Onkar Narang Art Standby: Elena Horn Carpenter: Charlie Burns, Tom Robinson, Greg Simpson Rigger: Steve Daley, Rhys Grinter Scenic Painter: Aimee Paton

David Knight - 18th July 2017

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