Luke Bather - 6th Dec 2016

Have you ever wondered what that final, iconic 'Beyond The Infinite' scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey would be like if it was comprised mostly of writhing naked people? Well, wonder no longer. Helmi takes us there in this hypnotic, erotic video for Somewhere Else.

Helmi's exploration of sex in Move Together is a wonderful, expressionist battering of colour and imagery that swims in an out of itself at an unstoppable rate. Mixing CGI with live action and bookending the metaphor and visual euphemism with a grounded reality, you're left with a complete sensory experience in a little over three minutes.

PRO Credits


Production CompanyDivision
ProducerThéo Gall
Line ProducerMélodie Buchris
1st ADGabriel Levy
Location ManagerKim Shewy
CastingEmma Skowronek
CastingBill Fabre
DirectorNicolas Loir
1st ACJohan Leclaire Botarelli
GafferGregory Bar
Key GripBenoit Fereol
Production designerAudrey Malecot
Hair & Make-upNina Lefèvre
VFX CompanyMathematic
EditorJonathan Broda
ColouristLaurent Ripoll

Luke Bather - 6th Dec 2016

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