Cat Velez - 13th Sept 2016

Róisín Murphy has released another self-directed video for Whatever, a companion piece to her previous video for Ten Miles High.

Róisín walks through central London in her own little world, surrounded by social-mediafied people, whose heads have been replaced with emojis and Snapchat filters. And unlike her seamless integration into the bustle of the city in Ten Miles High, the artist's melancholic musings take on a particularly self-reflective quality, as individuals' faces turn into homogenous smilies and massive location pins loom large and ominous.

Off-kilter and idiosyncratic as ever, Róisín delivers a wholly modern take on lost love and disconnection in a hyperconnected world.


DirectorRóisín Murphy
AnimatorSimon Ward
ProducerShabana Mansuri
Executive ProducerJohn Hassay
Production CompanyGood Egg
Director of PhotographyBenjamin Wearing
ProducerKatie Lambert
Executive ProducerPhil Tidy
RunnerRomain Richards
AnimationFrances Hazard
VFXLuke Rowell
VFXKenny Smith
EditorJamie O'Donnell
ColouristJack McGinty
CommissionerRob Anderson
Sound designJason Peacock

Cat Velez - 13th Sept 2016

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