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Kyla La Grange 'Hummingbird' (3D/360º) by De La Muerte

Kyla La Grange 'Hummingbird' (3D/360º) by De La Muerte

Luke Bather - 7th June 2016

A brilliant foray into the world of 3D and VR here by Debbie Scanlan and Liz Adams, better known as De La Muerte, for Kyla La Grange's Hummingbird.

The video - in which a car, a horse and some dancers occupy the infinite beauty of the feathered cosmos in order to battle through various and sundry existentialist quandaries - is a disorientating swirl of colour and dance that plays with the viewers' perception of time. Look one way and you'll be mesmerised by slow motion fluid moves, but flip your head 180 degrees and you'll see a similar looking scene that feels entirely different: played in reverse with choreography designed to feel like a battle.

Hats off to De La Muerte - particularly for working so well with a horse in the dark. The payoff comes with some truly epic-looking imagery.


"Getting the opportunity to shoot 360 was really exciting for us and particularly to be exploring the technology with stereoscopic shooting. From the start we wanted to bring something creatively new to VR and loved the idea of doing this by playing with time as much as space. We designed a three-layered concept to represent different parts of Kyla’s mind as she faces an internal battle. Having these three parts play out in different speeds and using reversed footage was something we hadn’t seen done with this technology - playing with the level of immersion for the viewer by twisting the reality of the world around them. 

"This is a war between different sides of Kyla’s self: fear, love, life, death and rebirth. The viewer plays a witness to the struggle to regain the balance. Overcoming fear, regaining control and being happy in the moment. The players? “Kyla" as her conscious self and our guide; “The Nightmare” (The Skeleton Horse) represents fear; “The Man made of Stars” (the Dark Dancer painted in Galaxies) represents hope. The horse and dancer play out their roles within her through choreography and movement. The focal prop acts as the limbo state - another sign of the fractured mind. Blending the viewer’s freedom of choice with a symbolic action piece that can be viewed three ways, pushing VR to the next level.

"We love doing the things we are advised against - and working with animals on set has to be a favourite. Controlled chaos is our motto and we love a challenge. They don't come much bigger than choreography involving stallions on feathered floors in the darkness... 

"We finally got to work with the incredible Andy Butcher at AB Film Horses (the top horse trainers in the country - his horses have featured in every big blockbuster you can imagine) We travelled to the Suffolk countryside to train and met the entire family of horse actors - which is not a joke - they were more professional on set than most humans and had the attitudes to match.

Massive thanks to all the incredible teams involved in this project - the fabulous Mike Heath, Andy Butcher at AB Film Horses, our amazing dancer and choreographer Leon Poutlon, our hugely talented makeup artists (horse and human) and everyone at Visualise, Inception, Pollen and Burning Reel."

Watch 'Kyla La Grange 'Hummingbird' (3D/360º) by De La Muerte' here

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Luke Bather - 7th June 2016


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Luke Bather - 7th June 2016

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