Cat Velez - 21st Apr 2016

Carlos Lopez Estrada is back with another distinctive dash of West Coast surreal, with lashings of All-American sex, for American house producer Marc Kinchen aka MK's Piece Of Me. 

Firstly there are the young, attractive couples making out in two cars that are travelling without any visible drivers. Then, we discover that these cars are the heads of giants skating towards each other in heavy traffic. And when they meet.... the inevitable happens. And then more bizarre, sexy stuff.

JG Ballard's novel Crash memorably explores the erotic possibilities of car accidents, but Carlos says that the idea for video for Piece Of Me came from another source. "The video was inspired by an illustration by an LA artist called Radical! that hangs over the office of one of the production companies I work for called Landia," he explains. "I had been staring at it for years and have always wanted to develop something based on that tragic image of a car crash embrace."

PRO Credits


DirectorCarlos Lopez Estrada
Production CompanyBlack Dog Films
Production CompanyDoomsday Entertainment
Executive ProducerKatie Dolan
Director's RepresentationMartin Roker at Black Dog Films
ProducerMatt Pittman
ProducerRyan Hendricks
ProducerAlissa Torvinen
Executive ProducerDanielle Hinde
Director of PhotographyNicholas Wiesnet
Production designerBritt Keller
Director's Rep (UK)Black Dog Films

Cat Velez - 21st Apr 2016

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