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Innerspace Orchestra 'One Way Glass' by Alden Volney

Cat Velez - 18th Apr 2016

One Way Glass is the debut single for newly-formed 'supergroup' Innerspace Orchestra, a trio comprising Tom Furse (The Horrors), Cathy Lucas (Fanfarlo), and Rose Dougall (Mark Ronson, the Pipettes). The ethereal yet rhythmic track has received some dependably mesmerising, colourful visuals by Alden Volney, with a diverse array of shifting shapes and animation styles that look like they were made in a bygone age.


"Innerspace and I share a fetish for very early computer animation artists of the late 60s/early 70 (such as John Whitney, Lillian Schwartz or Nam June Paik), so it was clever of Rob from Different Recordings/Play It Again Sam to introduce me to the band. 

"I wanted the video to have some visual variety to it, almost like it was compiled from the work of different artists (in order to match the explosive nature of the song we needed to steer away from something too contemplative or repetitive, we also needed to keep the attention of the 2016 viewer) you've got your 3D wireframe stuff, other things that feel a bit more hand drawn, others feel more like they were 'programmed.' It is very much meant to feel like the viewer is walking through an exhibition that's hosting multiple video installations in early 70's New York. The visuals all share the same vibe but feel like they come from different minds."

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Cat Velez - 18th Apr 2016


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Cat Velez - 18th Apr 2016

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