Kloe 'Touch' by Geej Ower

Geej Ower has directed this fluid and sensual yet realistic video for Scottish singer-songwriter Kloe's song Touch with vignettes of the singer in the midst of teenage …

Cat Velez - 15th Dec 2015

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The Promonews Roundup


Grand Blanc 'Surprise Party' by Max Vatblé

A two-fisted tale of warring twin brothers in Grand Blanc's Surprise Party, a video by new Division signing, the 23 year old Max Vatblé - a punishing yet gorgeous visual …

Cat Velez - 10th Dec 2015


Darkstar 'The Days Burn Blue' by Lucy Luscombe

Shot in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire over two days during the summer, Lucy Luscombe's evocative video for Darkstar's The Days Burn Blue is a series of intimate portraits of happy, carefree …

Cat Velez - 12th Nov 2015


Haunt 'Postcard' by Victor Pakpour

Victor Pakpour's latest music video is for his own band, Los Angeles-based group Haunt. Starring Gabriella Bechtel, the video illustrates the moody tone and atmosphere …

Cat Velez - 2nd Nov 2015


Haelos 'Earth Not Above' by Jesse John Jenkins

Jesse John Jenkins has delivered this expressive and heavy-hearted walk through the streets of London for HÆLOS' track Earth Not Above, with part two and three due to be released …

Cat Velez - 16th Sept 2015

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