Cat Velez - 10th Dec 2015

Gareth Phillips – who recently formed the directing partnership 'Sblood with Simon Milner of rock band Is Tropical – is back as a solo director for this intriguing, dream-like clip for Ghost Poet's Be Right Back Moving House.

It follows a young man's endless climb to the top of a building, which serves as a visual metaphor for the drudgery and monotony of professional, adult life. Below, Gareth reveals his debt to the art of MC Escher in creating a work "where things didn’t quite make sense". 


"The video is about every person's struggle to get what they want, being trapped in the machine and the boredom of never-ending routine. The song and the idea were a perfect match, the lyric ‘one day at a time’ gave me an image in my head of a man climbing an endless feet of stairs - one step at a time. 

"We wanted to create a dream-like feel to the video where things didn’t quite make sense – a bit like the art of MC Escher who used steps in his images. In dreams we often mix up people and places or see reoccurring images so we used some surreal transitions inspired by a video essay about Satoshi Kon, a Japanese anime artist.

"It was a real honour to be making a video for Ghost Poet, whose music is so cinematic. He is really up for interesting ideas and getting creative."


DirectorGareth Phillips
ProducerBen Mealing
Production CompanyMealing Media Ltd
Assistant ProducerGio Forino
Director of PhotographySam Heasman
Focus PullerMike Hannon
Camera TraineeKieron Paul Mu
GafferJunior Agyeman
GafferJoseph Crone
Make-upHannah Ortner
EditorGareth Phillips
ColouristRebecca Goodeve
Director's RepresentationLock It In
CommissionerSean Mayo

Cat Velez - 10th Dec 2015

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