Cat Velez - 1st Sept 2015

Following her video for Paul Smith's Break Me Down, Gemma Yin Taylor now applies the same impressive handcrafted techniques for Paul Weller. She's taken a one-man performance by Weller of I'm Where I Should Be, printed out the footage and thoroughly enhanced with hand-drawn designs and animations, to pleasing effect.

PRO Credits


DirectorGemma Yin
ProducerSimon Oxley
Production ManagerRoy Forberg
1st ADLina Remeikaite
2nd ACStephen James Dunn
EditorGemma Yin
CommissionerWilliam Nichols
Other creditsLead Animator - Gemma Yin Taylor Animator - Kimberley Rabbit Assistant Animator - Ellen Wallage

Cat Velez - 1st Sept 2015

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