Cat Velez - 1st Sept 2015

Following her video for Paul Smith's Break Me Down, Gemma Yin Taylor now applies the same impressive handcrafted techniques for Paul Weller. She's taken a one-man performance by Weller of I'm Where I Should Be, printed out the footage and thoroughly enhanced with hand-drawn designs and animations, to pleasing effect.

PRO Credits


DirectorGemma Yin
ProducerSimon Oxley
Production CompanyGreatcoat Films
Production ManagerRoy Forberg
1st ADLina Remeikaite
Director of PhotographyRik Burnell
2nd ACStephen James Dunn
EditorGemma Yin
CommissionerWilliam Nichols
Other creditsLead Animator - Gemma Yin Taylor Animator - Kimberley Rabbit Assistant Animator - Ellen Wallage

Cat Velez - 1st Sept 2015

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