Cat Velez - 11th Aug 2015

Directing duo Ewan Jones Morris and Casey Raymond have crafted this eye-popping - and bone-crunching - multimedia animated video for Head and Shoulders, the acerbic new single from Leftfield, featuring Jason from Sleaford Mods.

Ewan & Casey go as over-the-top as possible, with a video that follows an unsightly and particularly gluttonous Pacman-like creature on a consumerist rampage, reaching new outrageous extremes with each new animation style.

Having said that, the stop-frame monster, with those horribly real-looking human teeth, is probably the best...


"It was exciting to hear some new music from Leftfield, especially as it was so out-there, a driving throb of bleeps and noises, accompanied by Jason from Sleaford Mods ranting about the detritus of modernity. It was pretty clear from the start a degree of subtlety wasn’t what was called for.

"It was pretty clear from the start a degree of subtlety wasn’t what was called for."

"And so was born the story of a little monster who gorges himself on bin bags, cigarettes, chocolate bars, pigeons etc… growing bigger and bigger with overconsumption until he is able to swallow sky scrapers and entire planets.
"And as the monster evolves so does the style of animation, beginning with 80s children’s TV style paper/cell animation, switching to stop motion models (all in camera, no compositing apart from rig removal). and ending in a cosmic digital world."

PRO Credits


DirectorCasey & Ewan
ProducerMonica Domanska
Production CompanyRiff Raff Films
Executive ProducerSarah Boardman
ColouristDan Moran
Grading companySmoke & Mirrors
Post production companySmoke & Mirrors
Post ProducerLydia Evitt
Post ProducerSophie Harrison
CommissionerNatalie Arnett
LabelBmg Rights
2D AnimationThu Tran
2D AnimationLisa Ramsey
Other creditsStopmotion Animator: Leo Nicholson Model Maker: Natasha Nicholson Paper Engineer: Ian Watson Assistant Paper Engineer: Rosie Smith Pre Light: Laura Howie Compositor: John Moore   3D: TheStudio @ Smoke & Mirrors  Post Producers: Sophie Harrison & Lydia Evitt Previz: Davide Frusteri, Christian Tailor 3D Artists: Silvia Casali, Nicola Destefanis, Nicola Gastaldi, Christian Tailor Monster Rig: Nicola Destefanis Jason Head: Nicola Gastaldi Lead Compositor: Guillaume Weiss Compositors: Nicola Destefanis, Nicola Gastaldi, Christian Tailor Studio Creative Director: Dan Andrew

Cat Velez - 11th Aug 2015

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