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La Dispute 'Woman (Reading)' by Niall Coffey

David Knight - 25th Feb 2015

In this video for La Dispute's Woman (Reading), Niall Coffey assumes directing duties - he's more usually occupied as producer and 1st AD at Kode Media - capturing dancer Julie Ann Minaai in various locations around London.

The draw here is how the shots of this excellent dancer match up, whatever the location. Julie's dmovements  - sometimes desperate, sometimes purposeful - are shot in empty parking lots, libraries, forests, rooftops and crowded sidewalks. But no matter how often the location changes, the dance is seamless.


"We wanted to make something that was visually engaging, but also helped support the themes of La Dispute’s latest record. Julie represents the common ground we all share between space and time. She remains a point of continuity, even when surrounded by drastic change. 

"The whole process was about taking a very simple concept and executing it well. We wanted the locations and choreography to speak for themselves and carry the video. We had a long pre-production process on this project, to ensure the dance was always performed exactly the same across each location, and it’s testament to Julie’s abilities as a dancer that the illusion works as well as it does."

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David Knight - 25th Feb 2015


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Niall Coffey
Nathan Killham
Production Company


Director of Photography
Matt Vahey


Joseph Bicknell


Production Assistant
James Cross
Julie Ann Minaai

David Knight - 25th Feb 2015

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