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Bastille Vs. Grades 'Torn Apart' by Keith Schofield

David Knight - 28th Nov 2014

How would you define what love is? Keith Schofield has clearly been giving it some thought. In his video for Bastille's Vs Grades' Torn Apart, he toys with the notion of the acceptable and appropriate media-presentation of love and romance, who should be doing it with who. Even what it should actually look like. 

The result is jaw-dropping - hilarious, outrageous, brilliantly done. The performers in a couple's love dance morph continously into different individuals - at first within a group of bland Hollywood actor-types. Then it gets a lot weirder. Frankly, you could watch it 20 times without being slightly spooked by the introduction of, for example, the featureless 3D animated man. And then there's the alien genetalia... Acceptable norms, even of sexual positions, are well and truly chewed up, and spat out.

In a way, Torn Apart is a companion piece to last year's brilliant Darwin Deez video for You Can't Be My Girl - where Keith Schofield placed the geeky Darwin tantalisingly close but still out of reach of the mainstream perfection, as defined by stock library footage. The delivery is fiercer here - but both prove that Keith Schofield's comic genius is no better served than by the music video medium. Where would we be without that cocktail of VFX-augmented visual humour and genuine satire? 

Long may it continue. Hats off to Bastille, commissioner James Hackett and Virgin EMI for this wonderfully bold commission. And thank god for Keith Schofield.     


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David Knight - 28th Nov 2014


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Keith Schofield
Adrianne McCurrach
Production Company
Executive Producer
Katie Dolan
Executive Producer
Kim Dellara


Director of Photography
Damian Acevedo


Production designer
Chris Pearson


James Hackett
Virgin EMI

David Knight - 28th Nov 2014

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