Jimmy Brown - 16th Oct 2014

Frederick Lloyd delivers the first of a 5 video series to accompany Big Sixes' new EP, premiering with Heaven Sent.

Beautifully lit and shot by DP Matt Vahey, a woman wakes up, curiously, in a bleeding bed - possibly a metaphor for love that has died - surround by the body parts of showroom dummies. Its quite the cinematic treat...


"I was very lucky to have the chance to work with a band that was completely open to my own interpretation of the music, but who are also incredibly creatively-minded as well. I was definitely very eager to do something different with them so a whole short film spanning the entirety of their new EP was put together, 5 music video’s all linked together in one narrative arc. Heaven Sent is therefore just one piece of a bigger puzzle, part of a larger story but with hints of the thematic and emotional content, as well as snippets from the other videos.

"As a Director with a focus on narrative film making, it was hugely rewarding to be a part of something that extends further from being just a music promo. However, shooting 5 videos in 2 days is not something I’ll be tackling again anytime soon!

"The other great thing about Big Sixes is they have an incredible relationship with their fans and audience, and I wanted to ensure that what we created for them was open to personal interpretation and everyone can take away their own experience from it. Of course, I have my own route that I was going down, but wanted to leave it ambiguous enough across the entire short film. It will be interesting to see how people’s perception of this video will change within the context of something bigger, so watch this space for the full film dropping some time soon!"

PRO Credits


DirectorFrederick Lloyd
ProducerNathan Killham
Production CompanyKode Media
1st ADNiall Coffey
Director of PhotographyMatt Vahey
Focus PullerOzi Oshiro
2nd ACRichard Staff
GafferDaniel Goodall
Art DirectorFrancis Fagan
Make-upSophie Medhurst
EditorFrederick Lloyd
ColouristToby Tomkins
Lead actorParisa Louvel
Director's RepresentationCarrie Sutton
CommissionerJamie Osman
LabelEasy Life Recordings

Jimmy Brown - 16th Oct 2014

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