Jimmy Brown - 15th Aug 2014

For Steve Angello's Wasted Love, Lance Drake delivers this lovely eye-catching vfx-laden 'life as a video game' promo.

For the video, intercut with performance footage of Dougy from The Temper Trap, viewers move from level to level during the song to experience life's many stages...

PRO Credits


DirectorLance Drake
Production CompanyDoomsday Entertainment
ProducerKimberly Stuckwisch
ProducerMelora Donaghue
Executive ProducerDanielle Hinde
Director of PhotographyTodd Banhazi
Production designerTyler Jensen
Stunt Co-ordinatorMindy Kelly
StylistElise Velasco
StylistChris Velasco
VFXLance Drake
VFXEthan Feldbau
VFXChris Friend
CommissionerJill Kaplan

Jimmy Brown - 15th Aug 2014

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