David Knight - 30th July 2014

And now for something explosive. And also tender, and thought-provoking. Fleur & Manu's latest video, for the Sydney trio Movement's track Ivory, is a frank exploration of sexual intimacy between a young couple. It's all about sex - but it's also about love. 

A young couple, nude, recline on a bed, and then they begin to perform sex. It is real and natural, but then it becomes frozen, abstracted – literally framed - where both parties view themselves from without,and then becomes lost in surrealism.  

This is brave work - and frankly, very French - with courageous performances from the boy and girl. Maybe it will be the most controversial of the year so far - for all the right reasons. 

PRO Credits


DirectorFleur & Manu
Production CompanyDivision
ProducerJules de Chateleux
Line ProducerLien Moulin
Director of PhotographyCarl Nilsson
Production designerEddy Penot
EditorNicolas Larrouquere
EditorRoxane Faure Huet
Post ProducerClémence Cuvelier
VFX SupervisorGuillaume Marien
Post production companyMathematic
CommissionerGlen Goetze

David Knight - 30th July 2014

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