Jimmy Brown - 27th Jan 2014

Zac Ella enters the diverse world of multi-channel television in this hugely watchable promo for Superfood's TV. Constantly evolving, Zac's tongue-in-cheek promo employs a myriad of tracking FX to keep the viewer hooked...


"Daydreaming can cause the mind to wander into a series of unexplainable wormholes - just like channel surfing on TV.

"One moment you are in one place... the next moment you are in another place... and the next you just have no recollection in where you are or how you got there...and now I'm about to start waffling...Viva 4:3!"

PRO Credits


DirectorZac Ella
Production CompanyAgile Films
ProducerAmber Millington
EditorZac Ella
Director of PhotographyMatthew Emvin Taylor
Art DirectorLucie Red
Director's RepresentationOB Management
ColouristJack McGinity
CommissionerConnie Meade

Jimmy Brown - 27th Jan 2014

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