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The Vaccines 'I Wish I Was A Girl' by Yousef Eldin

The Vaccines 'I Wish I Was A Girl' by Yousef Eldin

David Knight - 17th Dec 2013

The song may be something of a throwback to the sexually subversive 1960s, but Yousef Eldin's video for The Vaccines' I Wish I Was A Girl challenges preconceptions in another way.

In an uplifting short doc, Yousef introduces three normal Palestinian young people, with hopes and ambitions that reflect a post-Arab Spring Middle East.   

Yousef Eldin:

"It was filmed in Ramallah and Jericho in Palestine and featured the three main cast members as themselves, Ayham is part of a band called Al Raseef, Nour is part of an all girls racing team called Speed Sisters and Abed is a teenager and budding graphic designer with plans to develop into the arts. 

"I'm based in London but we made contact with some people before traveling and then spent time there before the shoot to get to know them. We were keen to present a view of young people in the middle east that was the opposite of the usual politically charged stories from that region. 

"The short film/ documentary format appealed to the band as it is the end of that album for them and they were keen not to do any more films that they were the feature of, but were happy to the cutaways that appear in a TV screen in the kebab shop."

Watch 'The Vaccines 'I Wish I Was A Girl' by Yousef Eldin' here

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David Knight - 17th Dec 2013


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Yousef Eldin
Dan Dennison
Alice Wagstaffe
Production Company
Rattling Stick
Executive Producer
Geniveve Stevens, Ellie Fry


Director of Photography
Piers McGrail


Jack Singer
Editing company


Matt Hare
Grading company


Post production company


Red Light Management
Columbia Records

Other credits

Local Producer

Mashal Kawasamil

Additional Camera; Yousef Eldin, Jim Harrison


Noor Daoud Ayham Jalal Abed Al Rahman Murrar Mona Ennab A'el Raseef Band Hussien Abu Alwob Tamer William Nassar Mohammed A

Special Thanks

Mohammad Farouqe, Betty Saa'deh, Amber Fares, Khaled Qaddoura, Mazen Zoabi, Lama Suleiman, Edurne Bargueno, Brixton Windmill, Cerne Canning, Nicola Wright, Nick Chappell, Mohammed Farraj, Abdullah Murrar

David Knight - 17th Dec 2013

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