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Duke Dumont ft A*M*E 'Need U (100%)' by Ian Robertson

Jimmy Brown - 28th Feb 2013

A man has a portable cassette player growing inside of him which is constantly playing Duke Dumont's Need U (100%) in Ian Robertson's brilliant video for the UK DJ/Producer.

Everywhere the man goes, as the track plays, people around him break out into a dance - his fellow shopper at the local store, his girlfriend, the postman, the waitress at the diner, the fat guy at the bus stop...

In what is a simple but brilliant idea (with a great finale), Ian explains the ideas behind his treatment:

Can you talk us through the brief you got from the label and how you responded to that in your treatment "The label wanted an upbeat narrative promo, but the brief was pretty open. The idea was inspired by the humming vocal in the track; it sounds like it's coming from inside someone and the catchy beat just makes you want to move. So I thought it would be fun if a woman was pregnant with a stereo and she was hassled by people dancing to the tune from her womb.

"The idea of giving birth to a stereo seemed to freak people out too much so I decided to make it about a guy with stereo lodged in his belly. You don't often see a surgery scene in a dance video so that seemed like a fun thing to try!"

What was it that drew you to the aesthetic you chose for the spot "The label wanted the promo to have a summery feel so they suggested shooting in Los Angeles. This created a wonderfully vibrant colour pallet. Duke Dumont said the track was inspired by 80s and 90s house music, so we brought a hint of nostalgia into the styling; for instance the tape deck and costumes hark back to the good old days!"

Which was your favourite scene to work on Why "I loved throwing our lead actor, Rique, into more and more uncomfortable situations and just filming his pitch-perfect downbeat reactions. I particularly enjoyed watching him squirm around the backflipping guys on the street corner, as well as our bus stop man and head-bobbing supermarket worker.

"All our dancers brought different personality to their role, making each scenario so distinctive. There were just too many to fun moments to name! I spent most of the shoot laughing behind the monitor".

What was the most challenging part of the production "Production went very smoothly seeing as we had only a few days to prep. I did find the hospital scenes quite challenging; it had some more complex blocking with heavy art direction and never enough time! Luckily the crew was super efficient and pro so we got it done".

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Jimmy Brown - 28th Feb 2013


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Ian Robertson
Sarah Tognazzi
Production Company
Offkey Creatives
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Steve Whiteley


Director of Photography
Cale Finot


Art Director
Jeremy White


Bex Crofton Atkins
Miki Fujika


Thomas Grove Carter


Houmam Abdallah


Caroline Clayton


Line Producer
Paul Bock
Hugo Villasenor

Jimmy Brown - 28th Feb 2013

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