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Videos of the Month – July 2015

Videos of the Month – July 2015

Cat Velez - 3rd Aug 2015

Sunny July has come and gone, leaving us with the difficult task of selecting our favourite videos for our monthly round-up. Whether it was hot-topic promos like Rihanna's Bitch, Better Have My Money or cinematic dramas such as Kendrick Lamar's Alright or U2's Song For Someone, there was definitely lots of great videos to choose from. 

A couple of videos served up some eerie yet non-malicious zombie vibes, with Nicolas Godin Widerstehe Doch Der Sünde featuring some chilled-out zombie surfers catching some waves off the coast of South Africa, and Lorn's Acid Rain, with a troupe of dead cheerleaders who really lived by the phrase, 'the show must go on.'

As for visual effects and CGI, we were blown away by the colourful and graphic spectacle of Azel Phara's Green, as well as the bone-crunching animated visuals for Drenge's I Want To Break You In Half. The wickedly entertaining clip Amaro and Walden's Joyride by Tim McCourt and Max Taylor seamlessly mixed live action and animation, and Fast Romantics' video for Julia also employed some excellent VFX trickery to incorporate the band into Fred Astaire's ceiling dance from the movie Royal Wedding.




Cat Velez - 3rd Aug 2015

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