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Florence + The Machine 'Queen Of Peace' and 'Long & Lost' by Vincent Haycock

Cat Velez - 31st July 2015

Frequent Florence + the Machine collaborator Vincent Haycock, who previously helmed the initial chapters of How Big How Blue How Beautiful series - including St. JudeWhat Kind of Man and Ship to Wreck - captivates us with this ten-minute piece featuring the tracks Queen of Peace and Long And Lost. 

The short film feels part of the same world Haycock and Welch’s have created for The Odyssey series, although it was shot in Scotland’s lush Isle of Easdale. This consistency is due in part to the continued exploration of conflict through contemporary dance employed to express each facet of the story.

In previous videos, Welch is seen fighting against the painful dissolution of a relationship and what is left of herself afterwards, but this new proposition takes us back into her past, during her formative experiences as a child. The drama depicts the clash of a youthful Welch’s compassion against the violent feuding around her. The raw emotional performance of Welch is artfully set against the striking winter landscapes of Scotland.

The Odyssey is set to cover all tracks in the album through this year and into 2016, and will culminate in a long, chaptered musical film.


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Cat Velez - 31st July 2015


  • Choreography
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Narrative
  • Indie, singer-songwriter
  • Alternative Pop

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Vincent Haycock
Nick Goldsmith
Production Company
Executive Producer
Stephen Brierley
Executive Producer
Paul McKee
1st AD
Ted Mitchell


Director of Photography
Steve Annis


Vincent Haycock


Arnold Ramm


Director's Representation


Creative Director
Tabitha Denholm
Head Of Production
Sarah Drummond
Production Coordinator
Jennifer Barrie
Ryan Heffington
Fight Co-ordinator
Paul Donnelly
Sound design
Tom Paolantonio
Kevin Kim

Other credits

Lead Male

Frederick Schmidt

Florence Double

Denna Thomsen

Young Florence

Caitlin Lorimer

Young Frederick

Finn Kelly

Young Florence’s Brother

Mikey Hoc

Teenage Florence

Kate McLaughlin

Frederick’s Mum

Kath Gordon

Florence’s Mum

Irene Kane

Frederick’s Dad

Owen Abbott

Florence’s Cousin

Alexander McCabe

Florence’s Uncle 1

Nick Murray

Florence’s Uncle 2

Martin McBride

Florence’s Uncle 3

Alan Carrick

Frederick’s Cousin 1

Danny Main

Frederick’s Cousin 2

Barry Irvince

Frederick’s Uncle 1

Craig Docherty

Frederick’s Uncle 2

Chris McAdam

Frederick’s Uncle 3

Sean Taylor

Kid 1

George Mann

Cat Velez - 31st July 2015

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