Hauschka – The Key by Jeff Desom

It's nearly two years since Jeff Desom's video for Morgenrot by Hauschka - aka German pianist Volker Bertelmann - left a lasting impression. The burning upright piano falling continuously from the …

David Knight - 5th Jan 2011


UNKLE’s Runaway (Pointman Re-edit) by John Nolan

The result is a beautiful reinterpretation of a classic UNKLE icon, accompanying new music from Lavelle. In short, John Nolan has turned the 'Pointman' character from the first UNKLE albums (and …

Jimmy Brown - 9th Dec 2010

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The Promonews Roundup


BUG 18: Hold Your Horses!’s 70 Million by L’Ogre

Ingenious, witty, life-affirming, low budget and a total joy to behold, the new four-strong directing collective known as L'Ogre have created something very special for the unsigned Paris-based …

David Knight - 15th Mar 2010


Mujeres’ Reyerta by Tom Kingsley

Cleverly made and beautifully shot, the classic British barbers has rarely looked so good, or been such a source of enjoyable screwball visual comedy. 140 secs of bonkers fun. Tom Kingsley on the …

David Knight - 17th Feb 2010


Michael Jackson by Steve Barron

"His manager said to me: 'make sure you find room for him to dance'. So I went through it with him, and said we had this chorus that we could do the dancing.

David Knight - 26th June 2009

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