Jimmy Brown - 28th June 2012

A group of scientists experiment on the Foreign Beggars in Mike Tyler and Joe Elliot's excellent, darkly humourous sci-fi drama for their single Flying To Mars, featuring vocalist Donae'o. And with some fairly graphic medical procedures going on, it's not for the squeamish...

"The Beggars and Mau5trap approached us after they saw the music video Mike directed for Dubbledge," explains Joe. "I found the track quite violent in its sound and wanted to balance a strong narrative with great performance from the Beggars, so I wrote an idea based around the sinister premise that a group of scientists, whilst experimenting, were trying to engineer the 'perfect' Foreign Beggar... i.e. the best MC or the best DJ. The side effects then prove to have serious consequences - with the group themselves are at the centre of this conspiracy."

The intensity of the Flying To Mars video is heightened by Nathan Mackintosh's excellent photography. "The video was shot over two and half days and Mike, as well as editing the piece, did all sixty special effects shots, including some clever surgery compositing," Joe explains.

The Foreign Beggars video marks the next stage in the progression of Burning Reel into music video production. Coming from a documentary background, Joe, Mike and producer Cal Gordon set up the company in 2010 with a base at Pinewood Studios. The team have worked with a variety of labels - and some of the biggest artists in UK electronic music - and have now moved to new offices in Soho in central London.

Joe says, "We never try to play it safe with our ideas and believe in the fundamental principle that music videos are an opportunity to tell a great story. This allows us to stay away from convention. Through working with the same, highly skilled crew every time, we always know we will deliver what we promise."


Jimmy Brown - 28th June 2012

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