Shugo Tokumaru 'Katachi' by Kijek / Adamski

Polish animation duo Katarzyna Kijek and Przemyslaw Adamski have a knack of manipulating everyday materials in ingenious ways - from their stop motion work with cut-up paper for Oi Va Voi, to their …

David Knight - 30th Jan 2013

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The Promonews Roundup


Adam Buxton 'Party Pom Pom' by Dougal Wilson

Inspired by his own kids' classic video gaming battles - and their trash talking (eg 'You're going down, pom pom') the latest of the music videos made specially for the Sky Atlantic TV show 'Adam …

David Knight - 15th Aug 2012


Adam Buxton 'Sushi Song' by David Wilson

David Wilson's video for The Sushi Song was shown in episode 2 of Adam Buxton's BUG on Sky Atlantic earlier this month - a super-sexy affair to match the R&B vibe of Adam's Sushi Song (produced …

David Knight - 30th July 2012

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