David Knight - 20th July 2012

As featured in Adam Buxton's BUG, episode 1 (09-07-12) on Sky Atlantic, it's Garth Jennings and Adam Buxton's version of the insane and unhinged version of Eddie Cochran's Summertime Blues by Japanese punk kings Guitar Wolf (who Adam met once on a trip to Japan, and now describes them as a combination of Rammstein and The Muppets).

Adam waltzes through several real explosions, small and large in his fetching stripey swimsuit, and among other things, barging his own father out the way as he marches to the front of the queue for some Summertime Booze. And believe it or not, this was shot in England, in March, when it was hot - on the beach at West Wittering in Sussex.

Of course this is the best thing made for telly this year - together with the other videos made especially for the TV version of BUG. David Wilson's video for The Sushi Song shown in the second episode is also now online. Videos by Dougal Wilson, Cyriak Harris, L'Ogre and The Layzell Brothers will appear in forthcoming episodes of Adam Buxton's BUG on Sky Atlantic.

And you can find Adam and Garth talking in entertaining fashion about the Summertime Blues video in the Making Of video here.


David Knight - 20th July 2012

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