David Knight - 15th Aug 2012

Inspired by his own kids' classic video gaming battles - and their trash talking (eg 'You're going down, pom pom') the latest of the music videos made specially for the Sky Atlantic TV show 'Adam Buxton's BUG' to go online is Dougal Wilson's marvellous, hilarious vid for Party Pom Pom.

It's another ridiculously catchy composition from Dr Buckles - this one a favourite from the Adam & Joe Song Wars songbook, from their BBC 6Music radio show - now given a boombastic ragga remix. And it provides the foundation for Dougal's hugely entertaining interpretation. It's demented, but as every parent kno, its also completely accurate.

And you can also watch the Behind the Scenes video. You're going down, pom pom.


David Knight - 15th Aug 2012

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