David Knight - 4th Mar 2011

Belgium's rock n rollers Sore Losers and their directing pal Toon Aerts are back together with the video for Juvenile Heart Attack - a massively enjoyable collision of rip-roaring, pumped-up cartoon sex and violence, featuring a chain-gang, a sheriff, a waitress-bombshell, a real-life Yosemite Sam - all squeezed into a genuine American diner.

Toon has previously blown our tiny minds with his Evil Dead-homaging vid for El Guapo Stuntteam's Back From The Dead, and created a stunning beat-'em-up vid last year for The Sore Losers' first single Beyond Repair after singer Cedric Maes disbanded Stuntteam and formed the Losers. So it's no great surprise that this is 3.25 minutes of sheer joy - best enjoyed in HD...

Toon Aerts on making the video for The Sore Losers' Juvenile Heart Attack

"Since the track has a pretty raw rock vibe to it, the idea of a local waitress being harassed by a bunch of hoodlums quickly jumped to mind. But of course, in the end, the girl turns out to be a bit more fearsome then we originally thought...

"We went looking for a cool location and I stumbled upon this vintage American Diner that is located in some park in the Netherlands. So we decided to do the whole shoot there. So the crew was basically half Belgium, half Dutch...

"The cool thing is that the diner is still completely original, dating from 1939, and it actually already featured in a true Seventies B-movie: Convoy, directed by Sam Peckinpah, and featuring Kris Kristofferson!

"Most of the "bad asses" in the video are friends or family of the band, the fat guy Dikke Dennis - which translates as "Fat Dennis" - is a bit of a celebrity in the Netherlands. He has a tattoo shop in Amsterdam and is notorious for his consumption of illegal substances. He is a really sweet guy though, and we had a blast filming with him..."

David Knight - 4th Mar 2011

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