David Knight - 4th June 2010

It's probably wrong to describe this video as deceptively sweet, considering its shockingly brutal beginning. But Casey Raymond and Ewan Jones Morris' interpretation of John Grant's I Wanna Go To Marz offers up a vision of an afterlife dominated by, well, confectionery and ice cream.

After very good vids for Cate Le Bon, Truckers Of Husk and others, Casey and Ewen have utterly excelled themselves with this one. It's a lovely interpretation of a wistful lyric - with a winning performance by Francesca Moody as Ghost Girl.

But then even Heaven isn't quite what it seems.

Casey Raymond on the making of the video for John Grant's I Wanna Go To Marz

The video is a remarkable combination of chilling tragedy and (ultimately deceptive) cuddly optimism. How did this come about Casey: What we took from the song's lyrics was a melancholic longing to return to one's favourite childhood memories. We figured if this was actually possible, that after you die you end up in some half way purgatory where you get to relive your heart's desires over and over again. It might be nice for a bit, but eventually it would drive you quite mad.

Was there a brief, or some kind of input, from John Grant or his label How did you know that they would go for such an extreme idea We got the job based on our previous videos, so they must've had a pretty good notion of what they were in for. John sent some ideas over, which were largely unfeasible due to the budget, although he did mention someone drowning in ice cream. We sent over a very vague treatment, largely talking about modern interpretations of ghosts, such as the charity shop ghost, angry that someone is buying his clothes. There was also mention of a spectrophiliac ghost who was sexually excited by the fact he was dead and would spend all day masturbating over his own grave. So the final vid is pretty mild in comparison to that. They were ideal clients, they just let us get on with it.

Why does this sweet girl top herself (assuming it was suicide) Was the idea inspired by anything other than the song She had a tough upbringing, y'know, battling with depression, general malaise... Early adulthood can be a difficult time, realising your childhood is slipping away. Her denying herself a future is crude symbolism for someone trying to hold onto their childhood.

What were the challenges of making the video Where did you shoot and how long did it take It was a staggered process due to all the overlaying. First we drove around South Wales for a couple of days filming a variety of locations; an abandoned shopping centre, a pleasure beach, a small gospel hall where they tried to convert us, a hospital we surreptitiously filmed in under the pretense that we were another film crew coincidentally expected there that day. We filmed at a power plant and got caught by security who made us delete our footage. Following this we spent two days in a black studio filming the ghosts to overlay, and all the purgatory and dance sequences. Then a day filming Francesca's suicide and drowning in ice cream, a morning filming a dead rabbit and finally a day building and filming all the sweets landscapes. It was quite a lot of work.

How did you do the makeup for sweet-head guy Licorice Allsorts And make sweet/chocolate baby And is that real ice cream The sweet baby is quite literally a baby we made out of sweets. The sweet guy is just a bloke we found who happened to have a really bad skin condition. The ice cream for the most part is real, such as for the drowning scene. But elsewhere we also used coloured mash potato, because it doesn't melt as fast.

How do you feel about this one in relation to your other videos Alright. We like it. It's certainly nice to make a video without the band in every now and then, allows more scope for ideas. That said, I think we're expecting to have John in the next video, which should be interesting also.

The moral of the story is... Eat more sweets and don't let the corrupt halls of dentistology tell you any different.

David Knight - 4th June 2010

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