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Love Is Noise 'Soft Glow' by Tobias Little

Rob Ulitski - 2nd July 2024

Tobias Little directs a distinctively surreal music video for metal band Love Is Noise, blending elements of 1920's expressionism with late-90s neo-noir cinema with a band performance in an oppressive domestic space.

The video for Soft Glow uses over emulated film-distressing techniques and solarisation to create something ethereal and otherworldly. Tobias’ goal was to have a finished product that contrasted the music in an intriguing way, and the final product feels like a music video one might find on MTV in the Nineties. 

“It’s a love song, and one of the things I pitched for was to showcase that theme as both sides of the same experience," explains Little. "It’s a spinning coin sometimes. I expressed this by having them perform in the empty rooms of a family home, somewhere cosy and well-known, and really expanding the space to tickle in a sense of loneliness. What we were left with was a mesh of upbeat performances colliding with sombre undercurrents.

“The band and I were both really inspired by that look. What I found interesting was planting in those stoic performances and harsh geometric lighting, and seeing how they clashed with Cam’s high-energy voice. What we got was something almost thriller-like at points.”

“We brought that idea into the edit too: bouncing back and forth between big movements and statuary expressions. I found those cuts to deliver a bit of an unexpected shock.”

“We shot on an FX6, and even after stressing the footage so much, we wanted to preserve that high quality. And you can tell that cinema-like quality is still there underneath it all. I really like that, like it was recorded on a VCR and played and replayed and re-recorded and mistreated and forgotten.” While watching Soft Glow’s music video, viewers will feel like they’ve found a sun-damaged VHS tape in their parent’s attic."

Rob Ulitski - 2nd July 2024


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Tobias Little
Tobias Little


Director of Photography
Liam Rees


Frankie Ashcroft
Oliver Mitchell


Lead actor
Libby Waite


Tobias Little


Theodore Swaddling
Colour grade company
Theodore Swaddling Colour


Century Media Records

Rob Ulitski - 2nd July 2024

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