Bury Tomorrow 'Cannibal' by Andy Mihov

In this disturbing story directed by Andy Mihov, Dani, lead singer of Bury Tomorrow, faces a fruitless career and soul-crushing routine. As he trudges through his days in a mindless cycle, chaos and …

Lassamie Prasimay - 10 days ago


Lindemann 'Knebel' by Zoran Bihac

Things take a turn for the worse in Zoran Bihac's video for Knebel by Lindemann - a side-project by Rammstein singer Till Lindemann and Peter Tägtgren of death metal band Hypocrisy. And in …

Rob Ulitski - 2 months ago


Gabriel Bruce 'Metal Soul' by Tessa Edwards

Gabriel Bruce is trapped in a reflective living room in Metal Soul, left to perform his idiosyncratic dancing in this bizarre, affecting video by designer and …

Cat Velez - 29th Mar 2016

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