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A.G. Cook 'Soulbreaker' by Gustaf Holtenäs

Promonews - 2nd July 2024

The latest from director/animator Gustaf Holtenäs is the video for artist/producer and PC Music founder A.G. Cook - a fantastical, idiosyncratic interpretation of British history, as only Holtenäs could create.

Following his incredible work for Black Midi and Iron Maiden, in the video for Cook's dreamy synth anthem Soulbreaker Holtenäs presents an alternative history of Britain as three interlocking chapters: mythological creatures of a magical medieval fantasy become part of the fabric of the present-day - and Soulbreaker is the videogame of choice.

After that we are in the videogame itself, an imagined future of endless possibility - or both. Cue some spectacular sequences - and stomach-churningly destructive examples of 'soul-breaking'...

Talking to Promonews, Gustav Holtenas explains that this was a project which began with an idea by Cook, and took him more than six months to complete.    

"This must be the most British video I have ever done, almost as it is some kind of nationalistic propaganda," says the director. "If I had done the video today, I would have written it differently than one year ago. To not even mentioned the colonial aspect of UK makes the video kind of flat in the contemporary landscape.

"But enough of trash-talking my own video. I guess the video is as non-political and fantasy-based as The Lord Of The Rings was with WW2. As a big fan of history, archaeology and mythology, we wanted it to be like a surreal dream of heritage, even bending history creating a fake past and future. I see the video as a though experiment of causality that ending up in a paradoxical lineage of nationality.

"As the production of the video, the story was initiated by A.G. and went on working on it for half a year. I did 95 percent of all the animation work myself, working slowly in peace and inviting some friends adding additional touches on some scenes."

Promonews - 2nd July 2024


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Gustaf Holtenäs


3D Animator
Sound Effects
Hannes Ferm @hannes_ferm
Additional 2D Animation
Marko K. Gaves @amor.gavez
Additional 3D Modelling
Mathias Söderberg @mattematrix, Radimir @rvdimir


Lead Animator
Gustaf Holtenäs

Promonews - 2nd July 2024

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