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IDLES 'Pop Pop Pop' by Stewart Baxter

Rob Ulitski - 8th May 2024

Stewart Baxter extracts a characteristically charismatic performance from Joe Talbot whilst roaming the beautiful landscapes of freezing Iceland in his latest video for IDLES. 

With Talbot dressed in bright colours and clashing textures, his styling and from-the-hip presence is in complete swerve from the breathtaking locations, captured in Ed Norton and Andy Little's camerawork. 

The tiny crew get the maximum visual impact from the magnificent natural light and boundless environment - and of course Talbot's performance. An unexpected yet strangely fitting visual. 

“It’s a song about the beauty of having a kid and understanding how lucky you are to have a kid," shares Talbot. "And there’s a sense of a cycle when you have a child, when you’ve lost a parent and a child.

"I have a huge sense of gratitude and weight behind being a parent because of what I’ve lost. I’m not saying I’m a better parent, or more connected because of that. But for me, I’m more connected than I would have been, I think, because of what I’ve lost. I’ve learned a sense of just joy from seeing her joy. And I think that’s amazing. And powerful. And I’m very grateful.”

Rob Ulitski - 8th May 2024


  • Alternative
  • Performance
  • Tracking Shot
  • Eccentric
  • Understated
  • DIY
  • Textural

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Stewart Baxter


Director of Photography
Ed Norton
Director of Photography
Andy Little
Camera operator
Andy Little


Lee Kiernan


Ed Norton


Creative Director
Joe Talbot

Rob Ulitski - 8th May 2024

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