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Nonexister 'Storm' by Dave Bullivant

Promonews - 17th Apr 2024

Dave Bullivant creates a stark and brutal vision for rock band Nonexister, as two men are caught up in the advance of an angry mob.

Shot on a extremely rare ARRI Alexa Mini Monochrome camera, with a final sequence shot entirely with Ultraviolet light, the action in the video for the Zurich-based band's track Storm (from the just relased debut album Demons) develops within a stylised space - a maze of chainlink fencing - which splits the main protagonists. It's a powerful visual metaphor on the dangerous lure of political extremism, particularly the far right.

"This track eloquently speaks about the dangers of the rise of extremism in its various guises, and how easily people can be sucked into a situation that maybe they will later regret," explains Bullivant. "So often, the lure of community, power and acceptance can override one’s sense of morality and moral compass. I wanted to abstract this notion, and portray the struggle of two friends who encounter a braying mob.

"We shot the video in black and white using one of only two cameras in the world, and no one had ever shot using only ultraviolet light before. So the final scene was definitely a foray into the unknown..."

Promonews - 17th Apr 2024


  • Narrative
  • Rock
  • Alternative

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Dave Bullivant
Jeanna Koba
Production Company
Dynamic Frame
Executive Producer
Luzius Fischer


Director of Photography
Adam Scarth


Art Director
Ciaran Beale


Casting director
Lead actor
Rory Wilson
Lead actor
Alex Houston


Dave Bullivant


Jodie Davidson
Colour grade company
Picture Shop

Promonews - 17th Apr 2024

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