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Crystal Murray 'Starmaniak' by Charlotte Wales

David Knight - 19th Mar 2024

Fashion photographer and director Charlotte Wales creates a Hell of a London high street for French singer Crystal Murray to walk down, in an uncomfortably grim vision of modern England, for Starmaniak.

When Murray steps out into the street in her flesh-revealing outfit she becomes a focus of attention, astonishment, and increasingly, abuse. When some of that abuse comes from a trio of glammed-up young women, as well as, more predictably, a group of teenage boys, the scenario becomes nightmarish, as every potential threat and source of unpleasantness comes to the surface. And the satire also starts to bite.

In Wales and Murray's version of London, the locals may look different from each other - and some may regard themselves as uber-cool - but they are all essentially the same. And not very nice. This is a modern Hogarthian portrait of the city and its denizens that comes across like a scathing indictment where no-one is immune.

Whether by design or not this does also echo some classic videos - in particular, Walter Stern's video for The Verve's Bittersweet Symphony. Most importantly it's a social satire that's delivered with impressive conviction. 


David Knight - 19th Mar 2024


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Charlotte Wales
Ersan Beskardes
Production Company
Creative director and stylist
Project Manager


Director of Photography
Jake Scott


Production designer
Elena Isolini




David Knight - 19th Mar 2024

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