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Nia Archives 'Silence Is Loud' by Talia Beale

Rob Ulitski - 28th Feb 2024

Talia Beale directs an ambitious promo for Nia Archives, exploring family ties and the relationship we have with our loved ones, even when they're not right by our side.

The inspired concept for the video for Silence Is Loud is anchored by the relationship between Nia and her brother Zac, shot in a cinematic yet naturalistic way on the outskirts of Leeds, their hometown. 

Shot on film, the video is a gritty feat, with a engaging thread of narrative as the siblings use unconventional means to connect with each other, before finally reuniting. The storyline is fframed by grimly overcast British skies and breathtaking Yorkshire landscapes. 

"This video is a document of the power of a sibling bond between Nia and her little brother Zac," Beale explains. "Set in the landscapes of their hometown of Leeds, the pair trekked for miles in search of each other.

"Shooting in winter really lived up to its reputation, giving us about 4 hours of sunlight to shoot. We shot on film so the intricate shot list slowly went out of the window. We had to run and gun it, shooting as much as possible as fast as possible - before dusk."

Rob Ulitski - 28th Feb 2024


  • Performance
  • Narrative
  • Film
  • Cinematic
  • Landscapes
  • Run and gun

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Talia Beale
Oscar Stewart
Executive Producer
Ella Kenny


Director of Photography
Elliot Holbrow
Focus Puller
Owen Diplock
2nd AC
James Huthwaite


Tasnim Nahar


Talia Beale
Carina Etae


Tim Smith

Rob Ulitski - 28th Feb 2024

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