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Elena Flury 'Hold It All Together' by Andy Mihov

Rob Ulitski - 20th Nov 2023

Andy Mihov directs a romantically wistful promo for singer Elena Flury's Hold It All Together, depicting an all-too-universal experience - the point in a relationship where it's coming to an end but neither know how to pull the plug. 

Through a series of cinematic vignettes, we see Elena and her love interest (played by Mats Lehmann) in a painful tug of war. Instead of focusing on any kind of argument or disagreement, Mihov brings the visual to life by presenting the moments in between - the awkward gaps in conversation, stolen moments of introspection. 

As a result of this artistic approach and some beautiful cinematography and art direction, the video perfectly encapsulates the ethereal nature of nostalgia, balanced with a sense of grounded realism. 

"My collaborations with Elena have yielded some of my favourite work and I’m always thrilled when we get together," Mihov explains. "When the idea came to me, I instantly gelled with it because in my own way I’ve lived that story, as I’m sure many others have.

"I’m fascinated by the nostalgia and melancholy of teenagerhood and our young adult years. Every emotion and situation seem so much more alive, present, and urgent than they sometimes really are if we were to observe them through the lens of adulthood and experience.

"Our first loves and breakups are monumental, and we carry them with us throughout our lives one way or another. For me, there is a certain sense of humour in that as well. Elena loved the idea of both taking the subject seriously and poking a bit of fun at the drama.

"When I was growing up, I remember watching Brazilian telenovelas with my grandmother after school, so that found its way into the expression of the story as did the idea of the apple which features prominently in Greek and Norse myths as a symbol of beauty and discord. To me an important element was also the dissociation and inner turmoil of Elena’s character that we weaved in through more abstract visuals.

"As with our first collaboration, we were a small production. I’m always vindicated in my belief that it really isn’t the size of the crew, it’s how much fun people are having and how strong the team spirit and creative exchange is on set. It was great for this one and what we achieved on the limitations we had, I’m very proud of that."

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Rob Ulitski - 20th Nov 2023


  • Director's notes
  • Pop
  • Performance
  • Wistful
  • Instrospective
  • Relationship

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Production Company
33Red Films


Director of Photography
Nina Oyens
Focus Puller
Gemma Mancinelli
2nd AC
Aidan Brook


Mark Lane


Production designer
Aurora Melpignano


Lead actor
Elena Flury
Lead actor
Mats Lehmann


Chantelle Stewart


Tom Marshall
Edit Producer
Indiana Andrews


Mara Ciorba
Colour grade company

Rob Ulitski - 20th Nov 2023

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