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Tsatsamis 'Everybody Wants A Piece Of You' by Ruby Harris

Ndella Longley - 16th Oct 2023

Ruby Harris has directed a meditation on an encapsulated romance for London-based artist, producer and songwriter Tsatsamis - the first video by the New Zealander since she moved to London earlier this year.

This video for Everybody Wants A Piece Of You, feels close and intimate; which is a real feat of dynamics given its powerful backdrop of rolling rocks, towering green hills and foreboding bodies of deep, dark water.

'How can I compete with honesty, when I’m the secret that you keep?' asks Tsatsamis, as they plunge alone into icy water, their lover watching from the sidelines. The scene acts as a visual representation of the chill of solitude amongst the maelstrom of emotions within a relationship kept secret. This spectrum of feeling is brought to vivid and unignorable life by Ruby’s creative vision, which is full of near-tangible terrestrial textures and emotional resonance, beautifully shot by DOP Benjamin Leggett.

Most notable is the chemistry between Tsatsamis and their on-screen lover, which ranges from fizzing sexual tension to utter rejection, the full trajectory of a skewed relationship evoked in just three minutes. Combined with an expert grade by Andi Chu, Everybody Wants A Piece Of You is as sensitive and moody as it is cool and refreshing.

This is Ruby Harris's first video since the acclaimed and equally visceral promo for Vanessa Worm's Lost Memories, made in New Zealand before she moved to London. We chatted with Ruby to find out a bit more about her process with making the promo, and get to know her a bit better!

Ruby, the new promo feels very intimate. Can you tell us a little bit about how to came to work with Tsatsamis?

Tsatsamis asked me to help make their first music video ever! What an honour! We have known each other for five years now - we met in Berlin at the lake one summer through their partner.

They wanted to make a video which reflects the emotion behind the song; which is when you love or feel romantically towards someone but that isn’t reciprocated because they aren’t comfortable enough with their sexuality. It is about the spaces between, trying to navigate the question of friendship or romance. We came up with some scenes to play into that emotion while keeping a constant of Tsatsamis performing this beautiful song.

You've just moved to London from NZ. What differences have you found working here compared to back home?

This project was a special one to start with here. It reminds me of home; low budget but legends working on it! Everyone has been so lovely and generous with their skills considering they don’t know me. But I think I have had to put more thought into communicating my ideas, because I haven’t built up that shared language between the people I’m collaborating with yet.

How would you describe your approach to directing?

It changes for each project, but every time it is all or nothing. I love to enjoy it. I feel responsible to try and create an environment where people can do their best work, which I consider the most important thing, because it is not just me out here, it's a whole team. Every step of the way is so exciting and when it’s done it’s done. If you know you got it in the bag, you got it in the bag.

What are some of your favourite music videos?

I don’t want to share my all time faves, it's too personal! BUT some lit ones which have come out; ‘Point and Kill’ by Little Simz. The one by Amara Abbas for Skrillex is unreal. Radiohead ‘No Surprises’ … I love water. And one-takes.

What's next for you?

I'm finishing a documentary I shot about my niece who is 13. We went on a road trip last summer, and it’s about her fears and dreams of the world. I love it so much and I am so excited to share it. It will be out by the end of the year realistically. That will be beautiful.

• See more of Ruby’s work at

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Ndella Longley - 16th Oct 2023


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Ruby Harris
Production Company


Director of Photography
Benjamin Leggett


Joe Hunt


Lead actor
Daniel Valentine


Leah Burton
Editing company
Final Cut
Edit Producer
Ella Marafini


Colour Producer
Alex Carswell
Andi Chu
Colour grade company

Ndella Longley - 16th Oct 2023

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