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Gorillaz ft Thundercat 'Cracker Island' by Jamie Hewlett, Fx Goby

Promonews - 4th Aug 2022

A new Gorillaz story has started - in the emergency room in a hospital in Los Angeles, where 2D is wheeled in by the cops. He's frazzled; Noodle is there, looking fraught; as is Russel, frozen in front of a TV; and there's no frickin' sign of Murdoc. But rather a lot of guest star Thundercat.

No doubt about it, this is a very different kettle of fish to the easy vibe of Gorillaz' Song Machine project of last year. And the drama is back. So are Gorillaz in full 3D. Creator Jamie Hewlett has flipped back to a more visceral version of the band - in collaboration with Fx Goby at Nexus Studios. 

Cracker Island is the start of a new concept - where the band, newly relocated to Silverlake, recruit new members to join The Last Cult... And the new super stylised 3D look will pave the way for multi-platform activations, courtesy of a close creative collaboration between Hewlett and Goby. It's going to be fun...

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Promonews - 4th Aug 2022


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Jamie Hewlett
FX Goby
Jo Bierton
Production Company
Nexus Studios
Executive Producer
Mike Bell
Production Manager
Ruyi Meer


Director of Photography
Ricky Patel
Focus Puller
Ivan Grbin


Director's Representation

Promonews - 4th Aug 2022

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