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GUYY 'Insane' by Mark Van Heusden

Rob Ulitski - 12th July 2022

A man's unruly hair derails his efforts to look presentable for a date, in Mark Van Heusden's hilarious promo for GUYY. 

We've all had bad hair days, where our locks just don't want to work with us, and risk destroying our entire look. The main character in the video for Insane has a particularly strenuous fight with his, until he finally resorts to drastic measures. 

Absorbing as it's funny, the video features a superb performance from actor Rory Nolan, and elevates a simple concept to something really engaging.

"I loved the energy of this track and I immediately thought of someone dancing to the track, but I wanted something more to happen than just that," explains Mark Van Heusden.

"I think everyone has had days where your hair is just not doing what you want and you feel a bit insecure because of it. I recently committed to shaving my head and felt so good about it, that I decided to make that the central narrative of this video."

Rob Ulitski - 12th July 2022


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Mark Van Heusden
Mark Van Heusden


Director of Photography
Max Conran


Lead actor
Rory Nolan


Mark Van Heusden


Thomas Kumeling

Rob Ulitski - 12th July 2022

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