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Yard Act 'Rich' by James Slater

Promonews - 12th Jan 2022

Yard Act's James Smith assumes the role of roving TV reporter J Konopinski, to discover what it's like to be rich, in James Slater's latest dive into the Leeds band's comic universe.

For Rich, Slater again recalls members of the ensemble cast from The Overload and Land Of The Blind videos, playing the characters from Smith's songs on the band's forthcoming debut album. This time they are Konopinksi's interviewees, each branding the evidence of their wealth - a 50p piece, of various sizes. All apart from the character known as The Trapper, who is watching this fascinating news report on his increasingly unreliable telly.

"It's a hypothetical song about me accidentally becoming rich, and contemplating what I might do with all the power it brings," Smith has explained. "It's basically saying - c'mon, let's have some sympathy for all the millionaires out there, it's tough for them too.

"Obviously it ain't really saying that, but as we all know, money doesn't really bring you happiness, and even the rich have feelings to process and therapists to feed. Don't get stuck on simple ideas... Also, I should make it completely clear here that I am in no way defending the rich. They deserve all the stick they get, the rich bastards."

Slater looked to the distant past, to an apocryphal story about someone who really did suddenly become rich, for his inspiration for the video. 

"I’d seen an old Pathe News report on legendary pools winner Viv Nicholson ('Spend spend spend!') and thought it’d be fun to take the lyrics of Rich and turn them into a dialogue between a news reporter played by James, and a various different winners of a 50p piece.

"We wanted to the video to be a continuation of the Yard Act universe, so once again we have an overlap of characters from previous videos, playing lucky winners. And we also have James playing J. Konoponski, a character with a useless media studies degree from the song Fixer Upper. Despite the title the song was a pretty low budget affair but I think it turned out pretty cool!"

Promonews - 12th Jan 2022


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James Slater
Rosie Ford
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Director of Photography
George Haydock
1st AC
Paul Taylor


Art Director
Lucy Gregory


Bethani Gowland
Emma Tierney


Casting director
Jack Hartley


James Slater


Island Records


Production Assistant
Lydia Shenton

Other credits


Basil Tierney


@weareinvite for their post production facilities, @media_dog_hire for kit and to all the lovely cast members

Promonews - 12th Jan 2022

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