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Kelli-Leigh 'Underneath The Tree' by Andy Mihov & Paul Romero Mendez

Rob Ulitski - 10th Dec 2021

Kelli-Leigh is ready for some festive fun in Andy Mihov & Paul Romero Mendez's promo for Underneath The Tree. 

In their first ever collaboration as co-directors and co-producers, the duo created a promo for the Grammy nominated artist and songwriter where slick performance vignettes have a playful and celebratory seasonal vibe, and Santa himself even stops by for an appearance. 

Kelli-Leigh's performance is absorbing and assured, providing a perfect focal point for the Christmassy concept.

"We wanted the music video to feel fun, joyful, and big without coming across as pretentious." says Mihov. "We had roughly a nine-day timeframe in which we had to refine and develop a concept, crew up and shoot the video to be in line with the artist’s planned release.  

"Kelli-Leigh is a super kind and down-to-earth person. It was her idea to involve her friends, their children and celebrity bodybuilder, Armz Korleone as Santa Claus. We really leaned into that and built the concept for the video around her getting ready for Christmas Day.

"As the song progresses the setting changes to a more home video feel, as we see her interact with her loved ones and Santa. Many of us probably have a memory of a parent recording us opening presents on Christmas morning and we wanted to pay homage to that very relatable human experience."

"Even with the best laid plans, we had to keep flexible. We had kids on set and two dogs! Sharing the directing and producing responsibilities turned out to an amazing experience for both Paul and I. We were able to minimize unnecessary coverage, focus on specific lines and verses for each set up.

"We’re definitely going to continue collaborating as a directing duo on future promos and narrative projects, both as creatives and friends."

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Rob Ulitski - 10th Dec 2021


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Paul Romero Mendez
Paul Romero Mendez
Production Company
33Red Films
Executive Producer
Jenna Leeds
Production Manager
Robert Howells


Director of Photography
Tom Watts
Focus Puller
Christian Griffiths


Art Director
James Soldan


Sandra Hahnel
Lauren Nicole


Tom Marshall


Daniel Kadir
Colour grade company


Silver Music Limited
Silver Music

Rob Ulitski - 10th Dec 2021

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