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Bastille 'Thelma & Louise' by Balázs Simon

Promonews - 7th Sept 2021

Balázs Simon directs a sprawling 3D animated digital landscape for Bastille’s music video for their new single Thelma & Louise from their upcoming fourth studio album. The video serves as the sequel to the video for Distorted Light Beam, building on the world established by Jak Payne - who joined this project as creative director.

In this high concept work, we join frontman Dan exactly where we left him in the previous video: having entered the Futurescape with The Engineer, played by Remmie Milner.

As the world continues to crumble outside, we see our heroes floating in a virtual fantasyland made entirely of pixel-like cubes. In the digital space, their avatars have moments of intimacy and play which intercut with their live-action counterparts.

To build this 3D universe, Balázs and his team had to develop custom code, animating up to 90 million individual elements, each with its own defined mass and physics. The scale of this project meant that optimisation and rendering on the fly were integral. This process ensured there was enough computer memory and processing power for the video to be completed. Balázs later discovered that Pixar had to overcome similar hurdles in making the film Soul.

The finished product is an immersive and impactful world that elevates Bastille’s new music into an audiovisual experience and impressive addition to Balázs Simon’s growing portfolio.


There was no good way to visualize what we were about to do...

"Was it my worst decision to ditch the summer and do this video? I certainly wondered about that while being lost with stubborn pieces of code and the general uncertainty that comes with an experimental film.

"Building these systems had their thrill: there was no good way to visualize what we were about to do, especially because I wasn't sure about that either! It was one of those jobs you just can't do without the right team and client.

"I'm super thankful for all the crazy talented - and patient! - people believing in the project and going out of their way to make it happen. You truly felt like a family. It would be amazing to do it again"

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Promonews - 7th Sept 2021


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Balázs Simon
Máté Barbalics
Rosie Brear
Production Company
Production Company
Executive Producer
Josef Byrne
Executive Producer
Laura Northover


Director of Photography
Anna Smoronova


Lead actor
Remmie Milner


Animation Director
Balázs Simon


Szilard Totszegi


Post production company
Umbrella Budapest


Creative Director
Jak Payne
Service Company
Tuna + Icon
Service Company
Feature Films For Families

Other credits


Tamás Pálmai

Character Modeling

Bernadett Dian

Character Rigger

Róbert Tóth

Character Animation

Bea Ujj, Zsolt Szabó, György Fábos

Layout Artists

Dávid Dell'edera, Dávid Szalai

3D Modeling

Battore Haraszti


Adrienn Hód


Dorottya Podmaniczky, Dávid Mikó

Mocap Studio

KGB Studio


Gábor Abbas

Lighting Artist

Márk Pálla

Compositing Lead

András Pflum


Shahab Hosseini, Csaba Bálint, János Nyujtó

Matte Painter

Márton Gyula Kiss

Concept Art

András Gunda

Motion Design

Dániel Kajcsa

Post Producer (Umbrella)

Miklós Kázmér

IT Support

Csaba Bálint, Andor Gerebenics

Special Thanks

Zoltán Hidvégi, Marcell Marton, Gábor Marinov, Igor Bóka, Ádám Sipos, Andor Záhonyi, Fox Renderfarm, Family

Producer of Feature Films for Families

Péter Barbalics

Live Action Team -


Jak Payne

Executive Producers

Laura Northover, Josef Byrne


Rosie Brear

Director of Photography

Anna Smoronova

Production Assistant

Harry Hardwick

Casting Director UK

Anna Kennedy


Samuel Marr


Angus Wilson

VFX Producer

Amy Smith


Victoria Lovejoy


Balázs Simon

Sound Designer

Kaspar Boyd

Sound Producer

Laura-Leigh Smith

Service Company

Tuna + Icon

Executive Producer

Ivana Antic

Line Producer

Jelena Radojević, Diana Bojović


Marlo Stepić

1st AD

Ivan Grbin

1st AC

Marko Jokić

Stunt Coordinator

Ivan (SKA team)

Stedicam Operator

Miloš Kodemo

Drone Operator

Filip Petronijević


Nedeljko Maletić

Key Grip

Nenad Maksimović


Ivan Tenaskovic

Production Designer

Damjan Paranosić

Costume Stylist

Suna Kažić

Makeup Artist

Marija Stošić & Zlata Blagojević

Hair Stylist

Zvezdana Svetozarević


Staša Stojanović


Vojin Staničkov

Promonews - 7th Sept 2021

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