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Stubborn Heart 'Everything Matters' by James Murray

Rob Ulitski - 7th July 2021

James Murray directs a hypnotic promo for Stubborn Heart's track Everything Matters.

Shot on location in West London, the film experiments with multiple perspectives through a hallucinatory car journey. 

Using a mix of 360 cameras and Go-Pros, the cinematography is compelling and refreshing, and the quickfire edit ramps up the energy to intoxicating heights.


Shooting on a few 360 cameras... provided some unique perspectives.

"The initial idea for the film came while being stuck in a taxi driving through central London. Even though the journey distance was short, the ride took just under two hours. Over time I ended up feeling this sense of claustrophobia and exhaustion from sitting in the same position.

"I had just received the track from the band and so ended up listening to it on repeat until I was out of the car. The only thing I could really do in that situation was to look out the window and observe the outside world. I guess the film tries to portray some of the feelings I was having.

"With limited resources and not too long to produce the film, I needed to come up with ways to easily execute my ideas while also allowing flexibility in the edit. Shooting on a few 360 cameras allowed that flexibility while also providing some unique perspectives."

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Rob Ulitski - 7th July 2021


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James Murray
Adam Oyejobi
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Executive Producer
Rupert Reynolds-MacLean
Executive Producer
Andrew Law


Andi Chu


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Jade Denne

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Dalia Saeed

Rob Ulitski - 7th July 2021

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