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No Label 'Torazine' by Alex + Plex Studio

Rob Ulitski - 21st June 2021

Alex + Plex Studio direct a trippy animated promo for No Label's Torazine. 

Centred on a feast of unappetising foods and creepy table decorations, the abstract video unravels in a series of clever camera movements, with an increasingly surreal aesthetic straight out of a drug-fuelled fever dream. 

Mesmerisingly colourful and effervescent, the alluring textures make you want to grab out and touch everything on screen, though it's probably best that this world is contained in a fictional dimension - any more than a few minutes would be dizzying (in the best way possible).


We wanted it to look like a surreal lucid dream.

"Torazine is set at sunrise, a merciless sneak peek of the morning after the destructive ‘mega’ night. The soundscapes in the track had wobbly pitch changes, time shifts, ethereal tones that brought us back to classic surrealist painters like Max Ernst, Dalí or Lanfranco.

"We imagined a table floating in an abstract sunrise with all sorts of improbable leftovers melting or decomposing from the night before. We wanted it to look like a surreal lucid dream - that’s what the song was doing to us anyway!

"We had a very clear idea of the objects and dynamics from the get-go, but getting the mood and details right in order to convey that dreamy, unsettling and puzzling feeling was not going to be too easy. We knew that we could count on CG/3D artist Laurent Allard to join us and help bring the equally disorienting and hilarious aspects of the video to life. He instantly understood the quirky and eccentric mood of the video and infused a sense of magic into the 3D models, lighting environments and overall design direction.

"You don’t often get to discuss what colour toothpaste looks better on french fries, or decide whether to give a cheeky expression to a ceramic elephant..."


"The incredible illustrations and planned animation were hugely ambitious and very exciting. The worry with a film like this where you concentrate on such specialised techniques is forgetting to tell a story and we wanted to make sure this was more than just the impressive animation. This track is three minutes long so you need to make sure you take your time to reveal all the amazing qualities of this buffet but also leave a few surprises to the end.

"The end result is incredible, it feels like getting home from a rave at 6am and taking out the bins whilst your mind in still on the dancefloor."

Rob Ulitski - 21st June 2021


  • Animation
  • Dance
  • Electronic
  • 3D
  • CGI
  • Trippy
  • Nightmare
  • Daydream

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Alex + Plex Studio
Ryan Morgan
Production Company
Executive Producer
Toby Walsham


Alex + Plex Studio


Director's Representation
Ob Managaement


Jim Lennox
Red Bull Records Uk

Other credits

CG / Design Direction

Laurent Allard

Rob Ulitski - 21st June 2021

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