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MAGUIRE 'Come Down' by Anna Maguire

Promonews - 19th Apr 2021

Singer-songwriter MAGUIRE's normal day takes an extraordinary turn in this stirring video for her track Come Down.

Taken from her second EP Fantaisies, Come Down asks if it is possible to find balance and stability amidst the constant cycle of substance-fuelled escapism. “In a time when it is so easy to turn to altered states of consciousness to enhance the banal, this song questions whether it is in fact in the apparently ordinary everyday that we can access the beyond," MAGUIRE has explained.

In the video, directed by her sister Anna Maguire, the artist takes a trip to the coast. At this point a measured portrait of MAGUIRE in the everyday turns into something transcendent, and literally uplifting, when she advances to the edge of a cliff. It's a splendid moment, handling with deftness by Anna Maguire and her team, which makes this video stand out as a notable work from both artist and director.


“The video for Come Down tries to echo the question that MAGUIRE asks in the song: ‘will you catch me…?’ This question is one we should be asking of each other, of our surroundings and of ourselves. However this feels harder and harder to do as we grow older.

"Trusting that we will be caught is vital for jumping, transcending and going further than we think we can. How do we find the courage to trust? To jump?”

Promonews - 19th Apr 2021


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Anna Maguire
Lucy Benson-Brown
Production Company
LBB Productions


Director of Photography
Joe Ransom
Focus Puller
Lloyd Cook
2nd AC
Jack Mather
Benjamin Eeley


Chiara Armentano


Kaitlyn Battistelli
Colour grade company


Director's Representation
Echo Lake Management

Promonews - 19th Apr 2021

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