Rob Ulitski - 14th Dec 2020

Taisia Deeva follows up her stunning promo for Paul Kalkbrenner's Part Twelve with another superlative video for the German producer. 

The concept for Parachute opens with a young boy, who after being taunted and roughed up by local teens, transcends his dead-end reality and floats to a meditative space of healing and communal friendship. 

Before long, characters in a complex of brutalist houses launch out of windows, swim through the air and experience an otherworldly miracle, in a set piece crescendo that ends on a cautiously optimistic note. 

"Parachute is a slice of surrealist optimism set within a brutalist Kiev housing complex," explains Taisia Deeva. "In the visual, we see characters literally fly through the air, suspended hundreds of feet high, swim-up stairways, and jump out of 30 storey windows.

"The push and pull between otherworldly fantasy and stark backdrops explore the oscillating moods of hope and despair that the world has cycled through in 2020, and, above all, our continued desire for human connection."


DirectorTaisia Deeva
ProducerKarina Tateosyan
Production CompanyMartini Shots
Director of PhotographyDaniel Obradovic

Rob Ulitski - 14th Dec 2020

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