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Emir Taha 'Huyu Suyu' by Olivia Rose

Rob Ulitski - 11th Dec 2020

Olivia Rose delivers an up-close and personal promo for Emir Taha's debut music video for Huyu Suyu. 

As explained by the artist himself, "'Huyu huyuma denk, suyu suyuma denk’ means getting on well together, being of the same disposition. The literal meaning is ‘her ways match my ways, her water matches my water.’ That chemistry is captured perfectly in the video. It’s about two people who share the same energy, dreaming underwater through hallucinations."

The alluring visuals flicker between intimate vignettes in the water, from bathtime romps to solo soaks in the tub, an amalgamation of memory and fantasy. Taha continues, "It’s my first ever music video so its is a defining moment in an artist’s visual world - I feel so lucky to have had the chance to work with the amazing Olivia Rose whose taste I admire a lot.”

DoP Nathalie Pitters creates a sensual, physical experience with the cinematography, utlising opulent gold and orange colour palettes usually to portray a sense of luxury and fantasy.


This was an amazing experience in how much water can change the dynamic of shooting. 

“Huyu Suyu, the coming together of the masculine and feminine. Taking influence from Emir’s lyrics as well as his Turkish heritage we set the video in water - from a bath to the deep blue - where Emir meets a mirage in a red veil - loosely based on Turkish bridal attire.

"The promo focuses on that electric moment when you think two people are coming together but they don’t quite make it, the moment the mirage disappears and Emir realises he is alone in the bath once more.

"Leaning in to his heritage which is so beautifully captured in the melody of the track, we wanted to attempt to recreate Turkish ebru art around his body in the bath - it’s a metaphor for Emir’s world becoming trippy and ethereal, a marker point for us before he is dragged under. For me, this was an amazing experience in how much water can change the dynamic of shooting.”

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Rob Ulitski - 11th Dec 2020


  • Alternate pop
  • Fantasy
  • Mirage
  • Luxury
  • Opulence
  • Chemistry

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Olivia Rose
Kavita Babbar
Production Company
Executive Producer
Martha McGuirk
Executive Producer
Katie Lambert
1st AD
Danny Rumbelow


Director of Photography
Nathalie Pitters
Focus Puller
Catharina Scarpellini
2nd AC
Davide Scalenghe


Leopold Naessens


Art Director
Kelli White


Max Windows


Jason Wallis
Colour grade company


Mikko Ruostila
Post production company
Post Producer
Oliver Whitworth


Director's Representation

Rob Ulitski - 11th Dec 2020

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