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ANTIBOY 'Dream' by Charlotte Rutherford

Rob Ulitski - 4th Dec 2020

Harry Hains' family is keeping the legacy of their late son alive with ANTIBOY, the American Horror Story actor's musical project that puts forth a 'genderless transhuman' in order to encourage dialogue around sexuality, gender, race and self-expression - featuring supermodel Andreja Pejić.

"ANTIBOY represents the idea that most things that we are taught to believe are an illusion," said Harry Hains, who died in January, aged 27. "ANTIBOY is a place of true equality."

For the video, director Charlotte Rutherford worked with Harry's brother, Sam Hains, to create a utopia-like world that switches between actual, everyday moments with surreal, CGI scenes.

"I wanted to make a queer celebration of sorts, combining dream and reality." Charlotte says. "I really wanted to build a diverse cast and team of people from all different shapes, colors and identities."

In the Dream visual Andreja Pejić is presented in two stunning environments: an unusually stark, suburban home; and an exterior night location with bright, technicolor makeup. She's joined by a full cast that includes queer artists like Chester Lockhart, all performing for the camera in scenes that blur the line between what's real and fake.

"My character is a trapped soul dreaming of freedom, but later she transforms into a grungy glitter-faced rock star who doesn't care and lets it all go," Pejić says of her role. "I had so much fun on the set."

It's a true creative testament to Hains' artistry, and a brilliantly effective promo in its own right - and without a doubt has some of the most beautiful, distinctive visuals to grace our screens in a very long time. The video marks a bittersweet moment as a posthumous release, but also demonstrates the power and importance of the music video format. 

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Rob Ulitski - 4th Dec 2020


  • Surreal
  • Alternative Pop
  • Gender
  • Sexuality
  • Construct
  • Queer

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Charlotte Rutherford
Sohaib Ali
Owen Lazur
Jeremy Truong
Production Company
Production Company
Rubber Tape
1st AD
Cody Burdette


Director of Photography
Tehillah De Castro


Art Director
Lauren Kim


Lead actor
Andreja Pejić


Robert Daglish
Ellis Bahl


Kath Raish


Sam Hains

Other credits

Creative Director

Justin Miller

Movement Director

Ryan Walker Page

Graphic Design

Base Mode

Rob Ulitski - 4th Dec 2020

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