Promonews - 24th Oct 2020

Following on from the release of his recent Aerial Songs EP, Hayden Thorpe has shared a special live performance film,  directed by Fiona Burgess.

The 12-minute film, Hayden Thorpe Presents Aerial Songs, follows Hayden moving through a stripped-back space to perform songs from the EP, with each song performed in a new setting. Mirroring the sentiment of the EP - evoking feelings of wild, natural space - the film is intrinsically connected to the landscape and remote nature of Hayden’s native Lake District.


"Fiona and I looked to create a brief portal into our shared place of origin, The Lake District. For me, music and nature are indistinguishable from one another, they are different expressions of the same thing. By harnessing Fiona’s vision we were able to distill the songs and the realm to which they belong.

"So much of the making of this film was unspoken. We don’t hold our home within ourselves as some remembered knowledge, but rather as a present and felt sensation."

I wanted to create the sense of a journey in the film.


"When Hayden first sent me these songs and explained how the EP was inspired by the Lake District it felt like the biggest gift. The songs themselves conjured up feelings of nostalgia and reverence for a landscape we both call home.

"I wanted to create the sense of a journey in the film; walking as a form of healing, a remedy, an act of kindness even. I love the idea that everything circles back to nature, and with this short film I hope you are transported momentarily to a place where you can appreciate the cyclical nature of a song's lifespan and the fact we are indebted to the earth and the soil we walk on.

"I also hope time slows down as you watch this film, I hope you can breathe fully and momentarily disconnect from your inbox. In Hayden's words 're-wild your heart'."

PRO Credits


DirectorFiona Jane Burgess
ProducerRomy Waller
Production CompanyGround Work
Executive ProducerAaron Z. Willson
Director of PhotographyFranklin Dow
Focus PullerJuan Minotta
Camera AssistantHolly Smyth
GafferIdris Rhys
Art DirectorAsh Halliburton
Hair & Make-upPhoebe Llewellyn
EditorRich Woolway
Editing companyHomespun
ColouristRichard Fearon
Grading companyBlack Kite Studios
Other creditsSpark: Murray Zev Cohen Assistant Art Director: Mika Lapid 2nd Unit DOP: Candice Lo 2nd Unit Production Assistant: Simon Burgess Stills: Milly Cope Production Assistant: Honor Martin Runner: Emily Macrander Covid Sup: Tara Sadeghi Location Researcher: Izzy Edit Producer: Alice Clarke Music Mix: Tucan Taylor Michaels Colour Producer: Jade Denne

Promonews - 24th Oct 2020

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